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    Public Information Project Management

    Nigerian Pidgin English Poems By Chidi Anthony Opara

    We No Dey Broke
    (Fela music “Argument” dey play for background)
    Di money wey una dey get
    Month by month
    Una no dey use am well,
    Una dey use small pay salary
    When workers go strike,
    Di rest
    Una dey chop am,
    Una dey broke.

    Na small small money
    Una dey share give us,
    Di big big money
    Na una dey carry.
    Una no dey do any work sef,
    Una just dey siddon
    Dey chop money,
    We no dey broke.
    (Background music still dey play)

    If una no dey broke
    Why una dey borrow borrow?
    Di borrow borrow money sef
    Una dey share am chop,
    Una dey broke.

    What of di one
    Wey una dey borrow?
    Di money wey we dey borrow
    We dey pay.
    Di interest sef
    We dey pay.
    Even sef
    We don dey borrow again.
    If we dey broke
    Why dem dey give us loan?
    We no dey broke.
    (Background music still dey play, come fade)

    Dis Subsidy Sef
    We dey hearam for morning,
    For afternoon sef we dey hearam,
    We dey hearam for night.
    Dem dey halaram,
    We no dey rest.

    Dis subsidy sef.

    Dem say na awuf money
    Wey we dey chop,
    Dem say na government money.

    Awuf money we no see,
    Government we no see,
    Na so so suffer we dey.

    Kidnappers dey kidnap us,
    Thieves dey thief our property,
    Militants dey murder us,
    Better things we no dey see.

    Upon dat,
    Dem still dey hala subsidy,
    Dis subsidy sef.

    2020 Na Di Year
    Don turn to worship houses.
    Companies don waka,
    Na dem dey now,
    Everybody now na prayer warrior.

    You need water
    You go borehole go buy.
    You need security
    You go police go pay.
    If you need light
    You buy generator.
    Petrol nko?
    You buy from black market.

    Every day,
    Every day
    Dem dey yan say
    2020 na di year.
    Na di year
    Wey light go shine well well,
    Wey water go flow everywhere,
    Milk and honey sef go flow.

    2020 wey dey run dey come so,
    Wey be like tomorrow
    Na im be di year
    Wey every every go boku,
    Wey better life
    Go yafu yafu for Naija.
    So we siddon dey look,
    Dey listen to this kin yan.

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    Dey post dis stuff.

    Nobody care.

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    Where's Keith?... He loves this stuff. (Not!)

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    I thought Martin sneaked through.

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    What da fcuk

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