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    James North
    A lot of that is just alarmism and nonsense. The fact is people do take a notepad and check prices at stores all the time. Many years ago, there was a woman arrested for doing that in a grocery. It seems there was a law forbidding it! And stores DO allow non customers to stay in their store sometimes. Wal-Mart allows the elderly to sit around for hours, just reading the paper. There’s an old guy in a local Wal-Mart on oxygen that sits all day long in the store’s McDonalds, just watching the people go by. Every time I go in, there he sits. And the local malls allow the elderly to sit all day and enjoy the free air-conditioning. They did draw the line when parents started dropping their children off and expecting the mall to be their sitter. So even some of their “facts” are off. And why is it saving money with lower prices is a good thing except when the company is BIG this or that. There are areas where it is illegal to sell gas below a certain price! Why? Because the little stations (as if there are any independent stations left) said the larger stations were able to undercut them and they could not compete. All I know is I had to compete with other businesses every day and did. This included both small and large business. When government steps in, people generally pay more, not less.

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    Lawful or not, it’s an example of Amazon’s bare-knuckles approach.”

    It is? Doesn't seem like an example to me.

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