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    Is first person the main style of narratives for this time?

    I browsed Amazon for recently publishing middle grade novels. Every look inside book had first-person narratives. My book, meanwhile, is in third person narrative. Does that mean it will be a harder sell? I would be very surprised if it was.

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    Apples and oranges. What sells well is when the reader doesn't even think what "person" it's in--just that the person it's in works.

    I recently read one that I didn't realize was in the first person, present tense (the tense being the big surprise) until I got to the end. And the, of course it was, because the narrator was dying of leukemia. There was no future tense for him.

    I will say that third person omniscient isn't any where as popular in the American market as it still is in the British market.

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    Wasn't Harry Potter third person omniscient? (Of course, Rowling is from UK...)

    Sunayna, many of the YA books I've read are third person. Like Gary said, if it works, it works. Right?

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    I think any book done well can sell well. That being said, I do believe in the children's market (middle and YA) first person is most popular. First person allows the reader to feel very close to the main character, and I think that's why.

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    FWIW I have two new MGs right in front of me now and both are written in third person. The majority of YAs I have are written in first.

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