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    Agents looking for contemporary YA Novels for Male Readers?

    Does anyone know of any agents/publishers who are interested in contemporary YA novels for male readers? Is there a niche somewhere out there among all the publishers and agents for this type of YA fiction? Most of the agent profiles I've read, indicate a demand for YA fiction in the sub-genres or Urban Fantasy, Distopian, and Steampunk. Also, a large percentage of the YA fiction seems to lean toward a female audience.

    Would appreciate any leads or suggestions.

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    Hi Royce,

    I see plenty of agents asking specifically for male voices. For every Stephenie Meyer there's a Rick Riordan. You'll need to do some serious google-homework to build up a list of agents who're interested in your work. This involves:

    Starting off with a list from a blog or a website like publishersmarketplace.com (try googling YA literary agents)

    Searching for and visiting the websites of the agents you see, and clicking through the bios that most websites have of each agent, and noting the ones who cover YA. You should get a good feel for what they cover by the list of books they represent.

    Then note each of their submission guidelines, and get a query together.

    Or, you can check the acknowledgements in your favourite male-voiced YA books and look for the agent's name.

    I say this because I've just done the same thing, and probably half the YA agents I came across mentioned male voices.

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    Agents are begging for male YA voices.

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    You could also find agents through other books for the same audience. A lot of times authors will thank their agent at the end of a book. When you contact the agent, you could reference how much you enjoyed that book which the agent already represents. It's a compliment! Plus, you know the agent likes the kind of book you're writing.

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    Have a look at Writer's Market. That book not only lists tons of agents and what they're looking for, but also magazines, publishers, and just about anyone else who's looking for good writing.

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