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Thread: Discount Rates

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    Jonas Weisel

    Discount Rates

    Does anyone have experience self-publishing a book and selling it as print-on-demand through the wholesaler Ingram?

    Iím going to sell my book online, but Iíd also like to sell it in several independent bookstores.

    My publisher (Dog Ear) allows me to set the retail price and the discount rate. They also offer a package that allows bookstores to return unsold books to Ingram.

    My local bookstore has already agreed to stock the book when itís published. But I want to try other stores in a wider area. Iíve been told that if I donít set the discount rate at 55%, bookstores will be reluctant to buy it through Ingram. (Ingram will take the 55%, and offer bookstores 40%, which they regard as reasonable.)

    But, obviously Iíd prefer to set the discount at 40% for Ingram. Do I really need to set it at 55% in order to have bookstores handle it?


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    martin shaw

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