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    Vince Juaristi

    Back from Afghanistan...Need an Agent

    Hey All --

    I published my first book last year.

    Then I spent a year traveling in Afghanistan, dodging Taliban rockets and building judicial facilities to advance rule of law and try Afghan detainees. I kept a journal, which bubbled up to 120,000 words. I returned last week.

    My next book will cover my adventures. But I hope that someone can recommend two or three literary agents who can help me shape a book to craft the most intriguing story, and to maximize future exposure.

    Please advise.

    My best,

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    Senior Member Frank Baron's Avatar
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    Hi Vince and welcome.

    A good starting point is to find books similar to yours and check the acknowledgments. Most writers thank their agents. Then check each agent's site for their guidelines.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Vince,

    I'm a newbie at this site, but I've been in the "writing books" game for awhile. I'm sure your story is a fascinating one, and I encourage you to write it. That being said, I know of no agents who are willing to help a beginning author "shape" their book. All "legitimate" agents want a finished manuscript (or in the case of nonfiction--a finished proposal). Yours, which might be considered a memoir would fall under the fiction guidelines. Then you would query agents. If they like what they read, they will sign you and then perhaps give editorial advice. But they prefer the manuscript to be as polished as possible to begin with. Anyway, don't let this deter you if you have a story to tell. Good luck!

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    No, I don't think you'll a literary agent who will do this.

    I suggest that the first place you start with this is by taking a creative writing course that says it will help students with this sort of work--and/or look for organizations/individuals of Afghanistan operations veterans who are interested in such journal-based works to promote their activities.

    Otherwise what you need is a development editor and you might be able to find one of these by going to the Editorial Freelancer Association website (http://www.the-efa.org/) and checking their experience/interest base list of editors.

    I, in fact, am doing (starting in a week or so) such development work with what sounds to be an identical type of work. But I'm doing it on an hourly rate and only after pinning down that this will be a self-published book to be used to promote the work of an organization and that there is no expectation of it becoming an agented/publisher project. If what you are looking for is a latter, I'm afraid you are going to have produce an excellent manuscript by your own effort and up-front financing.

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