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Thread: Agent Location

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joshua View Post
    the one I am querying is nonfiction as well. It is a bit tougher to get an agent's interest for nonfiction without a platform.( At least, for me, in the inspirational category.) Are you building your platform?
    I found this to be true with my (fishing) book as well. My platform existed, to a minor extent. I'd had articles and essays in newspapers and magazines but was hardly a household (or tackle shop) name.

    I decided to approach mid-sized houses directly and got a bite on my 2nd attempt. My book is still chugging along, several years and seven printings later.

    The above wasn't meant to toot my horn (though I'm not opposed to a modicum of horn-tooting). It was to show talented writers with a story to tell that agents aren't the be-all and end-all, especially in nonfic.

    By all means, try to woo a good one. But if you strike out, start checking out solid small and mid-sized houses. Many of them, like mine, are imprints of larger houses (McGraw-Hill in my case) and don't require agented subs.

    Good luck.
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    With nonfiction even more than fiction, the publishers decide most of the books they want and they (or agents) go looking for a qualified writer (I guess one with a good "platform") to write the book they want.

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