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    J D,

    A synopsis doesn't have to be so difficult. The problem most people run into is they try to run through the book in order, describing each development as it comes. You end up totally lost in the details. Instead, try identifying (1) the two to four most important characters and (2) the five to ten most significant plot points. Write just enough to give all those characters and all those plot points to the reader. Then do the minimum necessary to connect 'em all together.

    It won't convey the rich detail of your novel, but then, that's not what a synopsis is for, is it? The purpose of a synopsis is simple: to drive writers bat**** crazy. Are you there yet? Good!


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    Hi John H!

    It's good to see you here again.

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    I think I read somewhere that agent Jenny Bent called the synopsis "evil". I have to agree. I hate them so much, I avoid it as long as possible by first picking agents who don't ask for them. Sigh. But eventually, it seems you have to bite the bullet and just write the darn thing. At least misery loves company, and there's plenty here.

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