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    New Literary Agencies

    Does anyone know of a listing of "new literary agencies" on the net? I used to have a link to a hotline that gave continuous updates when something opened, but lost it.

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    Nope, but if you find it, please do post the information.

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    Beware of "brand new" agencies. A new agency started by an established agent or editor (editor as in having worked at an established publishing house) is one thing. But anyone can sling out a shingle, claim to have "contacts", and advertise himself as a literary agent.

    BEWARE! I can't stress this enough.
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    What Jena said.

    Check AgentQuery. It's an excellent site for established agencies; don't know its track record for picking up new ones. Also, PublishersMarketplace has a "members" section for agents, which can be searched by "date updated"--that might be help you.

    But again, Jena's advice is spot on. A new and inept agent is worse than no agent, because you'll waste a lot of time waiting for him/her to land a contract that will never be forthcoming.

    Good luck.

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