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    clare buckley

    Proofreading software I can use to proofread for someone

    Hi folks:

    I don't know if this is the right category, but anyway ...
    I'm an amateur editor/proofreader and I work with local people who can give me their docs -- in paper form -- so I can mark them up and return them.

    Now a friend at some distance wants my service and I tried to do it in Word. NOT. It took me 5 mins to do a short paragraph, granted there were a lot of remarks needed.

    So I was wondering if there is some software I can use which will allow me to do all on the computer without printing and scanning beaucoup pages. That of course is my current, easiest solution. Just thought I'd check and see if anyone on this forum might know.

    Thanks much, Clare

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    Why would any software applied to paper form not require scanning and printing if the client wants a hard copy edit/proof back? Why would any be better than Word? All software is for electronic form, isn't it?

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    Clare, you can select, I think it's,' Review' under Edit in MS Word, which will then strikethrough anything you delete, and add anything you put in, including comments, in a different color so as to be easily noticed. In Open Office, you select 'Changes' under Edit, and then select 'Record'. Don't know if it helps or not, but that's what I do when proofreading a colleague's work, which I always receive and send back in electronic format.

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    Word now has a Track Changes feature for this type of application, here also is a great proofreader that takes files in almost any format, www.ProfessionalBookProofreading.com. Good luck!

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