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    Joseph R. Pugia

    Cool Wolfs in sheep clothing

    Like any new writer I had to go through a learning curve, one of the first things you need to learn is there are a lot of wanna-bee sellers out there hidding under the guise of being agents and or publishers, but are in fact just people (Wolfs) trying to sell you something you can do your self like Tina Foster, she is no publisher or agent, she has a lot of booklets on writing that you can get for free and uses a publishers title to get writers to buy her booklets. She has a warning posted on Preditors and Editors, a site every author should visit and she has never published anything that anyone could find of any merit or worth, BEWARE.

    You need the following services of, a good editor, (Sis will not do) a good agent that works at it fulltime and or a publisher that isn't trying to sell you something. I have a good editing firm I use, try Emily Reed reasonable and good, I have no financial interests in her business, my first manuscript is being printed, my second is leaving its final editing and I have one in process.

    Anyone need any steering in the right direction email me and please don't listen to the experts write what you feel, from the heart and soul! Those so called experts never wrote a good from the heart manuscript what the different if its spelled right, spaced right and paragraphed right, if it has the interests of a rock?


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    Thanks for the warning. I take it you've had a bad experience, and learned too late to do the research first.

    Question: Do you suppose your incorrect punctuation, spelling errors, and lack of knowledge regarding the publishing industry could be holding you back as well?

    Answer: what the different if its spelled right, spaced right and paragraphed right, if it has the interests of a rock?

    I see.
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    Amy Lou
    Ooo thanks, I'm gonna contact Emily Reed ASAP. I've been rejected so many times and feel like I need a good editor. Thanks for your post, YOUR so kind to provide this infomation. Look for my pm so I can get her contact info!

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    Some rocks are fascinating!



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    Senior Member Keith .'s Avatar
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    What the fuuck are wolfs?

    People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.
    - Bob Dylan

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    Amy Lou
    You seriously just made me laugh!!! Good catch KEITH with a period! Didn't even notice, guess I'm just as bad!! Like your spelling of Fuuck

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    Robin Teeter
    Quote Originally Posted by Keith . View Post
    What the fuuck are wolfs?
    Why they're cousins to sheeves, of course.

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