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Thread: More Changes

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2011
    Victoria, you were an example of "grace under fire"! WN won't be the same. Best of luck to you!

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    Senior Member Lea Zalas's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Southern Georgia
    Good luck to you, Victoria. It will be nice to see you as a contributing member. Do you know who the new mod will be?

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    Senior Member Avonne Writer's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Southern California, USA
    Victoria, good luck. Hope to see you participate here.

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    Senior Member Victoria's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Thanks, everyone, for all your kind words!

    @Kitty, that's correct. I will remain a member, even if no longer a Mod.

    @leslee - Absolutely. Happiness is a key decision point!

    @Keith . - I spend most of my time on non-fiction, (not counting the obligatory manuscript gathering dust in a desk drawer) but yes, I am a writer.

    @James - Rhetorical question?

    @Cindy - I believe that there will be, but don't have any concrete info as yet.

    @Liza - Apology accepted. The Silly String was kind of a pain to clean up, but it's all water under the bridge.

    @Lea - Nope, I don't know. I will pass along any new information I receive, as I receive it.

    Writers.Net Moderator

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    Oct 2010
    Hi Victoria, I've not been here for a while and the site really looks nice. Couple of questions: one, I just posted on Published Writers about the diagonal, ////, lines still in my bio and two: what does it mean that I am a junior member. I have been a member since the site started.

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    Aug 2010
    Victoria has left the building, Rosemarie.

    Try posting your problems/questions in the HELP section and the current moderator will respond to you.

    Start a new thread - don't attach your concerns to an old one.


    Hope that helps.
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