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    Your response will be greatly appreciated....

    What would be my first step to take, besides asking your true opinion of my late husbands work that I have included. I have submitted to writing critique for new members and have gotten good reviews. I believe in my heart that my husbands works, which include 2 complete books, several poems and dream stories not to mention many pieces of art in different mediums are worth something in monetary value. It was his dream to see his books published and yes thought that his work would offer financial security to us. He is gone now and I am left with this knowing how good his works are, but not knowing what exactly to do. Can you please advise as to where I should start, editor, agent or self publishing. Thank you for reading I look forward to your response. This was written to me and I feel the best of all his work, tell me what you think.

    Chosen by the Stars
    By Kim D. Eckert

    Time is like the Sea…

    Ongoing, eternal, all- powerful,
    serene yet frightening, glorious while somehow vicious…

    It is… everything…
    It creates and destroys; gives life and takes it back; shows us the most incredibly beautiful pictures, and then erases them, only to show us more…but always with the promise of Hope…

    Time has been good to Us; this much I know~

    When first We met, I was nothing more than a piece of driftwood, floating, uncaring, drawn to whatever beach Time would take me…
    You were that beach, lonely under the sun, just waiting for something to wash up on Your shore…
    Tide after tide, day after day…until that little branch finally came to rest in Your arms, tangled there with all those weeds and shells…

    And You found Me…but…

    Could We really have chosen?
    Was it ever up to Us to make that decision?
    Under the Stars, washed by an Autumn moon, careless and carefree, were We able at all to fully realize what might be in store for Us? And did We hesitate?

    Of course We didn’t…
    And neither did the powers which had brought Us together…the choice was made long before ever We knew it…

    Time; It has no rules. It doesn’t have to care. It is driven like the Sea by forces beyond Our comprehension. We didn’t decide, We were chosen, You and I; can You see what I see? It’s right there, in the faces of Our children…
    What I’m telling You is Love… but it’s more than that one simple word can ever hope to express. In fact, it’s incredibly hard to define, once you get rid of all the complicated trappings that go along with the “understood” version of that word, which stress only the romantic and sexual aspects… that is one perspective, for sure, but to be honest, it’s only the physical response…the tip of the iceberg, so to speak… it’s only a glimpse of the real beauty…

    True Love has deeper roots than that.

    It’s like the Sea… ongoing, ever changing, unpredictable, threatening, sometimes violent and angry, Its power undeniable…
    And then soft and soothing, gentle waves lulling You to sleep, breathtaking sunsets filled with visions…

    You give in to Its power, You smile and fall asleep, feeling so secure, as Time works Its magic in the darkness while You dream, and yesterdays become tomorrows…

    The tide rushes in, and then washes out;
    Treasures lay glittering in the sun for mere moments before being reclaimed forever…
    The briefest instant as Your eyes catch that shimmering glimpse, but before You can take one step the water covers them again, and then they’re gone…

    To know True Love, One must be patient;
    One must learn how to sidestep the waves, to wait out the tides…
    How to reach out and grasp that shell in the moment it’s offered, by always being in tune with the ever- insistent pull of the Moon, the ever- watchful gaze of the Stars…

    And always, always, being grateful for their awesome power, and for being chosen from among the countless grains of sand upon the beach (of which none are identical) as two that would, against all odds, and only with the favor of those Stars,
    Fit together…and fit so well…

    Time watches; Time waits…
    Islands and continents are slowly reshaped by the Sea…

    (Tiny grains of sand tumble and toss, weightless in the water and seemingly without purpose, and yet each one has the power to rub just the tiniest bit away from some towering cliff; wave after wave, tide after tide, year after year…until the cliff finally succombs, cracks, and eventually falls…)

    Shining treasures appear and vanish between the waves;
    One in particular calls out to Me, yet She’s too far away, too long out there in the tide…
    But I can wait,
    for I’ve learned the ways of the sand…

    The Moon smiles as the gulls cry,
    The Stars watch and peer down closer to see…
    As Time walks along beside Me down the beach, watching for that moment…always waiting… a glowing silver arm of moonlight upon my shoulder…

    Whispering in My ear about the real meaning of Love…

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    It's not necessary to post your late husband's work in every forum; most (it not all) writers.net members peruse all of the forums at one time or another.

    Poetry is difficult enough to judge on its artistic merits; to rate its commercial worth is next to impossible. Couple that with the fact that the market for it is tiny. Commercial publishers produce anthologies only where the poet has a well-established following. Poems can be submitted individually to various magazines and university presses, which is a long, slow slog. (For more information on this avenue, check out Duotrope.)

    Of all of his work, your husband's novels (I assume his books are fiction) might stand the better chance of being commercially published, if only because the market is far larger than that for poetry. Besides, novels submit more readily to commercial evaluation in that they must follow rules of grammar, syntax, structure, characterization, etc. (Grammar alone weeds out many aspirants.) While it would be highly unusual for the draft of a novel written by an untrained writer (another assumption) to be published posthumously, it has been done; one of the most beloved novels in American literature—A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole—was sold several years after the author's suicide and has since become cult favorite. (You might gain some insights by Googlng the story of its publication.)

    No one can guarantee you anything, but you might obtain better appraisal of your chances if you were to post a brief excerpt from one of your husband's novels in the Writing Critique forum. If you choose to do this, please (1) post the opening paragraphs and (2) limit it to around 500 or so words. (If it's of concern to you, your husband's work came under copyright protection the moment he set words to paper; that's the law.)

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. I will do as you sugguested and post to Writing Critique the opening chapter of his one novel. The poem was written to me so I took a chance in posting it for feedback. My grown children are very skeptical in putting out posts of his novels in fear that they could be copied, they feel we should have a copyright first?? Please look for my post of his novel, Toil and Trouble I would love to read your thoughts.
    Thank you again,

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    Don't post excerpts if doing so would make you or your family uncomfortable. To explain a bit about Writers.net, there are no publishers, agents, or editors here, just writers, some of whom are published, some not so much. We try to critique each others' work, and to alert newbies to the scammers inhabiting the internet—the fake literary agents who offer contracts if you'll pay a small fee up front. [And even they don't steal novels because (A) it's easier to take your money than it is to publish the novel, and (B) they wouldn't know how to contact a legitimate commercial publisher in the first place.]

    Copyright law protects a writer the moment he sets the words down on paper in legible form; you don't need to apply for it to enjoy the protection. When a work is published, the publisher will register the copyright as a hedge against illegal copies being made and sold. (As a matter of fact, copyright infringement of published literature is rare, not to be confused with ripping copies of hit tunes from the Internet.) At this stage of the process, i.e., posting an excerpt from unpublished manuscript, copyright registration is a bit of an over-kill.

    I hope this helps you understand what writers.net is about, but again, if posting makes you uncomfortable, don't do it.

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    Also, Jacki: If you (your late husband) did receive suggestions/critiques, would you or Tyler be willing to make the editorial changes? Or do you think it's better not to mess around with what your husband wrote?

    You say your son is very busy right now...who'd be tying up the loose ends, is what I'm asking. You?


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    I guess it would depend on what changes would be advised, and then it would be a collaberation of my son, daughter and myself to decide. Thank you for bringing this to my attention hadn't really thought of this. I would really hope that changes wouldn't be necessary.

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