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    Jul 2011

    Thanks to everyone

    I want to thank everyone for all the advice, input, links, and criticisms posted here. I have learned many things.

    Thanks to some of the advice that I have seen on this site, as well as what I have read in a few of the books recommended by you, the hero my novel is more unique than I had originally planned.

    I started off with a 'nerd'. Why? Because that is what I wanted. However, after allowing my character to speak to me and actually tell me what he felt, saw, and understood about life, I realized that I could not write the book the way I initially desired; it wouldn't be believable. The character would be too bland.

    My new character is 180 degrees from the person I set out to write about, but in return I get a character that is more interesting, more intense, and a little darker than originally.

    Besides, aren't our characters supposed to be unique-not bland?

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    Amy Lou
    That's nice Henry, I'm happy you've received some good stuff over here! Also nice that you've opened your mind and allowed your character to speak to you!

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    Mar 2006
    So glad to hear this, Henry. Write on!

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