Please join me in welcoming Lena Gott to the August edition of our seminar series!

Lena Gott is a tax accountant who didn’t set out to become a writer... writing found her when she grew bored of the corporate world. She loves to be challenged, she loves teaching others, and she believes she has found the perfect combination of the two in revenue-share writing. She now spends her time writing what she knows and figuring out how to let the world find out about her work.

Past Suite Success and the Future

In July 2009, Lena shattered a Suite101 record for earnings in a single month, earning nearly $5,000 in revenue-share income from a catalog of only 220 articles. She credits this success to a combination of perseverance and a solid understanding of how keywords can help you break through the online noise to get your voice heard. Later that year, she published an e-book for other Suite101 writers that detailed the exact keyword research methods and theories she uses to earn hundreds, oftentimes thousands, of dollars in revenue share through Suite101 each month.

In early 2011, the revenue share writing world experienced a shockwave when Google released its Panda update, and the stakes changed overnight. Lena is still considering the best way to move forward in the new environment, but she knows this – nothing has changed with the primary factors that make a successful piece of writing online. A solid understanding of the way search engines work is still imperative to success. Thus, very shortly, her e-book is slated to be revised with an eye toward removing a few bits of pre-Panda advice. The new version will be universal (not geared toward Suite101 writers alone) and possibly translated into Spanish to address growing interest in the Latino revenue share writing market.

What else you should know…

Lena is allergic to cubicles and strict schedules; spends her days with her two young daughters, and spends her nights writing and working on various fun online and offline ventures. You can find her online at Suite101, Taxes and Stuff, and Lullabies to Mud Pies.

*I'll open this thread a few days before the start of the seminar, to give everyone a chance to get those questions in there*