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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lou View Post
    I'm a wood- pecker hater too!
    But I thought you liked wooded peckers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Edwards View Post
    I look at the screen...but then when I think "Wow, I'm doing this without looking at the keys," things go wildly astray.
    lol... I can totally relate to that.

    ETA: that was supposed to be "wooden" not "wooded" but I guess that works too. lol
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    Even those who make their living in dreamland must do their chores in the real world.
    -Scarlett Rice

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    Amy Lou
    But I thought you liked wooded peckers?
    They're all so greedy! (wood peckers I'm talking about LOL) Always looking at the next tree, wondering if that's a good one to peck on. They don't care about the time of day, or who they wake with all that pecking. All they care about is their need to peck. Okay, I'll stop, I'm sounding bitter towards those sweet little birds. Now wooded peckers - YIKES!

    Funny Patrick - I do the same

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    Belinda T.
    I usually look at the screen but there have been several occasions my eyes veer off and I keep on typing until I catch myself refocusing on the story that's drifting somewhere inbetween me eyeballs and the screen.

    When revising, I don't look at the screen at all. I just revise and revise and revise until I can't see or type any more.

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    Thanks everyone. These are helpful replies. I suspected as much, that it varies from person to person. I am still figuring this out for myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ******* T. View Post
    When revising, I don't look at the screen at all. I just revise and revise and revise until I can't see or type any more.
    Wow, ******* T., you are dedicated as all get-out! Impressive !

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    Belinda T.
    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Edwards View Post
    Wow, ******* T., you are dedicated as all get-out! Impressive !
    Yup. Others observing me in that mode have opined I'm suffering from OCD.

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    You might be getting distracted by the words you've already written, rather than pushing forward toward the end of the scene. Here's my advice: whenever you find yourself bogged down while you're writing, take a moment to notice where your eyes are going. Are they on the sentence you just wrote? Or are they going back to the beginning of the page? If you're getting tripped up by the temptation to go back and revise while you're writing, here are a few simple tricks to beat that problem.

    1) Minimize your screen so that you can only see a few lines of text at a time. A basic program like Notepad works great for this. It narrows your focus to just the words in front of you, so you don't get distracted.

    2) Switch to a word processor with a small screen, for the same reason. I've written on an AlphaSmart for over a decade, and I love it. I recommend the AlphaSmart Neo.

    3) Write longhand instead. The act of putting down one word after another, in ink, forces you to keep moving forward.

    4) Try a typewriter. (Yes, a typewriter.) Like writing longhand, it prevents you from going back and re-working the words you've already written. It's also faster, albeit noisier, than a pen, though finding ribbons can be a bit of a hassle. (Trust me on this.) But it's fun, and it breaks up the routine.

    5) Set a kitchen timer for five minutes (or 10, or even 20) and force yourself to keep writing, nonstop, for the entire time. You'll break through those nitpicky tendencies, find your groove and start pumping out the pages. You can always go back and edit them later.

    Keep trying different methods until you find what works best for you. Remember, the only "right" way to do it is the way that gets it written!

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    Great ideas everyone. I am finding that minimizing the screen does wonders for me.

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