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    Call for Submissions: Book Length Fiction

    Biology isnít what it used to be.

    As the biomedical/biotechnical revolution undermines many of our most basic assumptions regarding the nature of identity, authenticity, and nature itself, biological fiction offers us alternative visions of a world in which these defining assumptions are embraced, abandoned, re-formed, and created anew.

    Spore Press wants to promote new visions of our bio-reality. Whether stories contain genetically modified characters, engineered viruses and parasites, or dark futurescapes dominated by totalitarian governments and megacorporations, we want authors who will explore the possible outcomes and human consequences of our scientific advances, regardless of genre.

    We specialize in Bio-Fi.

    To submit your manuscript, see http://www.sporepress.com

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    Looks like another pop-up publisher. Lots of detail about submissions, but nada about experience in the industry, staff (aside from Keith) royalty payments or a host of other factoids would-be contributors would like to be aware of.

    Caveat scriptor.

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    Frank - We are a small startup, family owned, and are putting our careers and own money on the line. Our staff page lists the principals involved, though we will be happy to forward anyone who asks copies of our professional CV or resume.

    We will be able to put royalty information online as soon as the contract is executed with the print house we are negotiating with. However, we are shooting for a 50/50 split of net, which typically works out to 15 percent on paper books, 40% on ebooks, and 25% for audiobooks. We are a royalty paying publisher, do not use POD, and know that-as a startup-we won't be for everyone. However, I hope that authors are willing to take a chance on us, just the same as we are taking a chance on them.

    I appreciate your concerns, and recommend that an author working with any publisher do their homework before signing a contract.

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