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    Separation Anxiety

    So in addition to doing fiction writing and poetry, I also do screenwriting. And I have this one project I been holding for the past 5 years-As i have a dream of one day directing it. But times are rough, and I'm thinking about really pursuing selling it. And I know there would be a market for it, and i know even though selling a screenplay is hard as nail, but I think i would have a 50/50 chance of selling it. It's just that I couldn't see someone directing my vision-or having the right to change the dialogue or anything in the screenplay. I guess that's why some screenwriters become directors. Are there any other screenwriters that are in the same boat? Are you so attached to a project that you can't see letting complete control of it?

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    I've seen this perspective before.

    Micah, your project is not your baby. Be willing to sell it and move on to the next thing. Complete control is a fantasy. Unless you have the money to make the movie yourself, with no financial input from anyone else, you will have to share control. Until the day you are either so wealthy or so successful that you can do it alone, you will not have complete, solitary control over a film project. If that is the only thing that will satisfy you, start saving your money. You will have to pay for everything yourself.

    Writers cling to projects because they think this creation might be the last one and they don't want to give it up. Meanwhile, you've been holding it for 5 years. What good does that do? It doesn't put money in your pocket or share your creation with the world, does it?

    The goal is not to hoard your work. The goal is to sell it and share it, right? Have a little faith. Be willing to let everything go. The next idea will come to you more easily if you do.
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    I agree with everything that leslee posted.

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