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    I keep my cell phone in a box in my home office except for when I'm going on a road trip, and I'm pretty sure I've never received a call on it. The whole idea of tweeting and people having to walk around with a cell phone glued to their ear seems pretty silly to me. I avoid answering the landline phone even. I do check e-mails every twenty minutes or so, so I tell folks that if it isn't an "arm fell off" emergency, to e-mail me and I'll get it when I had decided it was time to connect with the world again.

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    To me, the only messages that are essential are the ones that save lives. In that instance, I think it's wonderful.

    Otherwise, the attachment to cell phones is, in general, unhealthy physically and psychologically. Rather than bringing people closer together, it separates us. I can't count the number of couples I've seen, walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant, completely ignoring each other while they text, tweet, type on their tiny keyboards. They have nothing to say to each other because they've been tweeting every thought all day long. People walk off curbs and crash their cars because they just had to type, "Drinking coffee," and announce it to their friends.

    I'm also tired of hearing the conversations of people talking into their headsets in public places. I don't want to hear about their lives. It's too personal. They are performing, not just talking, waving their arms and raising their voices for attention. Oh, look at me, I'm talking into thin air. How fascinating. Let me swear a few more times so everyone knows how clever I am. Whatever happened to introverts? Being respectful in public places? Now we all know everyone's business whether we want to or not. Yesterday I was in line at the pharmacy and had to hear all about someone's ugly divorce. Lady, please, I don't want to know.

    And there's my rant for the day.
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    My big annoyance happens at the grocery store when a woman (usually) talks loudly on her cell to some evidently smarter person who can make a decision about whether she should buy smoked sausage or mild sausage or no sausage at all. And then goes up and down the aisles, questioning every item she's too dense to get or not get without assistance. This has happened on more than one occasion. I bite my tongue and try to tune it out, but I think, For God's sake, woman, how did you ever shop before cell phones?

    Back on track, if someone wants to tweet on WN, then tweet on.

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    Remember - you don't have to be on Twitter to benefit from this. Just post here if you've got something to promote! You can also send me a PM, or an email to wnmoderator@writers.net and I'll tweet on your behalf.
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