If you have a book self-published as an e-book, or are considering doing it, you need to get it reviewed. Why? Because at most e-book sites, and especially at Amazon, the biggest of them all, reader reviews are listed along with the book and many people use them as a guide in their buying. I've just run across a site, BookRooster.com, that helps you get what you need. It arranges for potential reviewers who like your genre to read your book and (we hope) review it, and it keeps on doing so until your book has at least ten reviews. Granted, it's not free, but the current "administrative fee" of $49 seems reasonable if they actually deliver what they claim. (I'm not in a position, quite yet, to find out, so do your research before you pay them as I will when the time comes.) Also, please note that Amazon requires reviewers to mention the fact that they're reviewing a complementary copy and that most of your reviews will probably start off by mentioning this.

For those of you who might be wondering how I found out about it, it's the subject of today's post at Joe Konrath's blog about e-books and self-publishing.