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Thread: Advise please

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    Lionel Bajaña

    Question Advise please

    Hi, thanks for reading my post. I am not a writer per se. I like to tell stories, I discovered this when my son was a toddler and to put him to sleep I would make up many stories that sometimes even surprised me. It has been many years since that but recently I began to put together a number of short stories, that if categorized they would fall under urban legends, spiritual (as in ghosts), ethinc (multi but with a slight incline to the Latino culture of NYC) and regional, NYC. By the way, none of the stories were the bed time stories I told my son. This may be the only written work I may venture into, however I believe that although not a Nobel Prize on literature candidate, the stories are pretty good. I have googled publishers, agents, niche markets, etc but I'm so overwhelmed by all the information. I have read some postings here, today, and I find the comments posted here very helpful to those who query the forum. Ok, so all that preamble to ask a simple question, does any one know of a publishing house who would be interested in this sort of work? Or perhaps an agent? Thanks in advance for all your input

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    I think short story collections are a tough sell. Seems like I've heard that linked ss collections are more popular these days, but that could be old news.

    Have you tried to publish a couple in literary magazines? Guess I'd do that first. It will look good in your query and you'll perhaps make some contacts that could help point you in the right direction.

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    And, you're most likely not going to have any success here with getting the name of an agent or publisher. You'll have to do your own research and querying to get one, like the rest of us.

    Agentquery.com is a good starting place!

    Good luck!

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    Perhaps you should try sending off your stories to magazines? Writer's Digest is a good recourse for finding opportunities.

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    Two suggestions: Submit individual stories to writing markets. Duotrope is a great resource. You can search by genre.

    There are agents who rep short story collections, but the choices are limited. Most will not be interested unless you've published some of the stories elsewhere in good magazines and/or won a few awards. To find potential agents who will represent short fiction, look for the ones who say they're interested in literary fiction. Your best resources for agents are AgentQuery and QueryTracker.

    And do take a look at the Resources thread on this site. You will find lots of other helpful links. The writing/publishing business is tough. If you don't want to get scammed, it takes research, diligence, and lots and lots of persistence. Good luck!


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    Have you thought about producing short e-books? If you get your stories proof-read, maybe get a nice cover design for each then I am sure you could create a nice collection of stories that can be downloaded individually, perhaps even for free!

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    OO we sell short stories -

    http://www.whiffyskunk.com go to forum please first - you keep all money you make and it gets paid directly into your paypal - we dont touch it. Free accounts allow two or three short stories for sale - pro ($10 per month accounts) allow unlimited.


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    Quit spamming every thread, JJ. We got it the first time.
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