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    As Joe noted, you can change POV with notice--which means best sectionalized. But the example given is really too much folded-in head hopping. If you go off in another POV, you really need to separate it off from the first person POV sections, as, in first person, your narrator can't know what's in anyone else's mind.

    Gary Kessler

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    I'm going to disagree with sone of my colleagues and say that I don't think POV shifts within a scene work. I agree that it is possible to make it clear to the reader what is happening, but it is still, on an emotional level, disorienting for the reader.

    And the fact that it is so rarely done doesn't help.

    Third person omni may or may not be a different thing.

    If you're not already an accomplished writer with several titles published, I would heed this advice from a book on writing I once read: search for POV shifts and stamp them out like bugs.

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