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    Egao No Genki

    Where do I post my stories via MS Word Attachments?

    I came here as a free alternative to FanStory.com. (I was there in high school, and when they started charging to let us post stories, I dropped that site like a HOT (as in scalding, not attractive) brick!)

    Now, on what part of this site can I post stories? Will they allow me to just send in an attachment, or do I need to copy/paste them?

    (One story is past 35'ish pages, so c/ps could get problematic, and what if I want to retain fonts and formatting?)

    Thanks for your help in advance,


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    Welcome. I assume you looked around the site before you joined. If you have, then you know we don't read 35 page stories here.

    You will most likely not get any response to a 35 page post, except suggestions that you post less of your work. If you want to post a single page of your work in the Writing Critique forum, you will get responses.

    As a new member, you will not be allowed to post any links at this point. And if you copy and paste 35 pages, you won't get many comments, because most of us don't have the time to read that much text. You could ask if any WN member would be willing to read 35 pages, and if they agree, you could send it to them privately. But since you're a first time poster, we don't know anything about your work, and you may not get any takers.

    Start with one page. That's my suggestion. Best of luck to you.
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