I wrote this the other night. Sorry all of my poetry is dark that I post here. I do have some happy ones lol I will post a happy one soon. I promise. I am just posting this to post it. If you would like to critique then feel free, but I don't plan on selling it. I feel there should be more at the ending but left it the way it is. I couldn't think of anything else to use to end the poem. I know Hallowed should be Hollowed in the title, but I feel the A gives a touch of uniqueness to it. I like to add a touch of uniqueness to my poems if I can.

When will it stop?
A hollowed soul in a borrowed body
Yet, you carve me a little deeper.
With every slash,
I bleed a little more
Slipping into the shadow’s depths even more.
Filth spews from your lips
Unconscious of the hearts you mangle
The devil’s at your doorstep,
Masquerading as love’s way.
Knock, Knock, Knock!