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    Quote Originally Posted by rod seeber View Post
    I recently read many publishers play it safe by only giving recognized authors a place on their shelves.
    Because every author on the shelves was once an unpublished author, I have the feeling you read this on an site promoting self-publishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod seeber View Post
    I was worried that I could not format the ebook properly but I aced it on the first go, I feel there is a market for the 'amateur author' such as myself, another factor is that I recently read many publishers play it safe by only giving recognized authors a place on their shelves, I really do not think people should begrudge others for trying.
    I count four separate, distinct sentences run together with commas. If this is a sample of your writing, it's no wonder you decided on self-publishing. I don't want to be a grammar nazi, or slam you for being careless, but all we have to judge you by is your posts. Self-publishing can indeed be the road to riches, but not if your book is filled with bad writing because the reviewers will, I assure you, point it out and people reading the reviews will stay away in droves.

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    I haven't really bothered to read any self-published work. Though, I imagine it's got a few gems among the piles of trash (as with any amateur or professional story telling medium). There are some people who see themselves as artist, who don't want their work to be compromised by commities and internal politics (then again, there are those people who claim to be artists and are just too afraid to take some helpful advise or bone up on their skills).

    I know this guy, who I chat with from time to time over AIM; he had created a Word Press 2.0 blog to publish his amateur stories, the guy's first paragraph was a massive sentence with 20 sum/odd commas. He was thinking of self publishing, I can only imagine what sort of examples you might have seen. This guy was supposedly an undergraduate (so he tells me), and he didn't know how to end a sentence. But, he's trying, so I have to give him credit there. It's not like he's proclaiming to the next big thing. It makes me wonder, if undergraduates are pumping out sentences with 20 to 30 commas in them, why the hell are they getting degrees?

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    When looking for e-books to read and being concerned about quality, look for a publishing house name (and you can usually check them out via their Web sites). There's a range of e-book publishers, of course, but it's not too hard to discern the better ones. There's more of a chance these have gone through a selection process and have had at least some editing than with self-published e-books.

    When putting out an e-book, you might make an effort to get an e-publisher before self-publishing. They are easier to contract with than going the agent/mainstream publisher route, and they are likely to help you get it in better shape than you can manage by self-publishing.

    Gary Kessler

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