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Thread: Sun of Tomorrow

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    Sun of Tomorrow

    Hello. Another poem. I think I originally intended it to be put to song, but I haven't yet. Maybe I'll do that eventually.

    The years, how they drag on
    Never ending, never stopping,
    How can we carry on,
    When the hope of a world is lost.
    How shall we carry on?

    A heart broke wail
    Breaks the evening silence,
    A single cry,
    Escapes the lips of all.
    Is this how it all ends,
    With pain and death and sorrow,
    Will hope ever rise again,
    Bright as the sun of tomorrow?

    The people, they hang on
    Carry on through the sorrow,
    How can we overcome,
    The sorrow that eats at our souls,
    How shall we overcome?

    The sun has disappeared,
    Lost ‘hind the endless clouds,
    The darkness it surrounds,
    Blotting away the morning light,
    The darkness it surrounds.

    The voices rise in song,
    Wailing anguish, sorrow, pain,
    The journey has begun,
    Back to the shores of hope again,
    The journey has begun.

    A final chord
    Sets the sun a’rising
    A single note,
    Sounds strong into the air.
    Is this how it begins,
    Away from the death and sorrow,
    Hope is rising again,
    Bright as the sun of tomorrow.

    The truth has now been seen,
    They set their path straight forward,
    The past is set behind,
    And the sun shines down once again,
    The past is set behind.

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    I can totally see (hear) this as a song, Allison.

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    Ontario, Canada
    Me too! Great job.

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