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    The Narrow Boat Adventures of James Katie and Lewis et al!

    Hi, I'm a newbie so I feel a little cheeky but it does say to promote myself. I do have a website but I understand I can't provide a link - fair enough.

    A few years ago I was disabled after a terrible accident (I have now fought back to around 85%-95% health) and was feeling like my life was over. At that point I registered with a website, thinking I had nothing to lose and BINGO! Two days later I was commissioned to write a series of children's books which are available in some branches of Waterstones, Amazon and all the other good bookshops.

    It's been reviewed as a modern day Enid Blyton which delighted me as I grew up on her books. The story is about 3 city children who go on holiday (in the first story) and are told by their mother to go and pick the wild blackberries which grow along the canal. Whilst there, their naughty puppy jumps on board a narrow boat and is intent on chasing the cat which is on their minding its own business. Katie, being the one the puppy usually responds to, jumps on board but can't catch her so James decides to help. To do this he needs to put the baby down. Neither of them notice that Lewis has crawled away and there is a moment of terror as they think he may have fallen over board. After a frantic search he is found in the living quarters, having crawled down the steps and pulled a cover off a chest which is covered in gold. The children decide to alert the police when they see two guys who are clearly thugs chasing them. They have to drive the boat, negotiate the locks and then pull into the pub car park (the canal sits alongside the pub). The police are delighted to hear that these thieves have been found because they have been searching for them for a long time. When all the excitement is over the police take the children back to their parents, ensuring that they are warned about stealing anything again, even if it is for a good cause. The second book shows what happens next and follows on the next day.

    I am very proud of that book, especially because of the circumstances it was written in. But I'm more proud of my other children's book, The Wishing Tree, which is being turned into a film (the minute I'm allowed I will post all the details here). I have decided to get a limited number of books printed if people want them while I'm waiting for a publisher/agent to pick the book up. Usually I would not go down this route but I'm desperately trying to raise money for a few charities - most importantly the Alzheimers Society and also trying desperately to raise money for a young man who is dying of a very rare disease and we have no idea how long he has. Trouble is, it costs 15 to print so I have to charge at least 20 for hte charity to get anything, not a situation which makes me happy. I cannot wait to start filming this next year!

    We are also moving into production of a beautiful film which I have written the book of. It's called A Face In the Clouds. Not bad for someone who has everyone telling her that writing is "just a nice little hobby that won't lead to anywhere!"

    Hope you don't mind me posting - I could say more but I'm not used to forums and you may not want to know aobut this. Excuse my typing - the accident left me with major problems with my hand which makes typing very, very difficult.

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    Melanie - I grew up on Enid Blyton and to be compared to her is a wonderful compliment! I still have a copy of her "Faraway Tree". Well done at getting the commission! If you become a regular poster, you would be able to provide a link - I hope you stay around awhile!

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    Hi, Melanie! Once you've participated in the forum for a little while, you're welcome to post links.
    Writers.Net Moderator

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    Thanks! Don't worry, I will be around for a while yet! The only time I'm going anywhere is the 10th to the 24th June (and probably a few days after that to recover) to Florida. Other than that, you're stuck with me! :-) Seriously, I intend to be around as long as you will al lhave me. It may take me a while to get used to the forums (I'm only used to NaNoWriMo forums - never used them before and ti took a comment I felt really strongly about to start commenting in case I wasn't welcome. I'm still participating in their forums 2 years later and have lost my shyness and insecurity now).

    If I make any mistakes during the first few times, please bear with me! :-) Better go now. The end of the week isa lways hectic - I'm training to be a counsellor and at screaming point becaues I'm behind in my journals through no fault of my own. Well, OK, partly my fault! I was going to ask a friend to spend a couple of hours with me and help me but he got devastating news so I can't ask him. I guess I need to get my bum glued to the seat and my fingers glued to the keyboard. My tutor is fantastica nd is determined not to see me fail. She has bought my books (the one I mentioned is being made into a film) and said she enjoyed it, but she's bound by the rules of the exam board so I have to get it done. If I'm not around for a few days that is the only reason.

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