I posted a couple weeks ago about my YA novel, and the editor who liked it but needed to get her editorial director to read it. Well, I finally got my answer. Although they both like it, they want to see revisions before they consider making an offer. It's really just one revision, but it's major. Is this standard operating procedure? I am nervous because I already went through this a few months ago with another publisher (I still don't understand exactly what happened there: I made many revisions, the editor was thrilled with them, but she was rather low-level and apparently had not gotten any of her higher-ups to read it prior to my rewrites, and they never made an offer).

I don't mind doing revisions, of course, but I am nervous about doing them before an offer is made, and then not getting an offer anyway. Or is this just the way it is?

BTW, my agent and I are putting these revisions on the back-burner for a while since we still have about 10 publishing houses to hear from (3 of which said they like the book and are getting other reads). Just would like your input.