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    >>>"This is not a form rejection, I read your sample chapters 3 times because I was very tempted. I wanted you to know that. I want to one day see something of yours published, even if not represented by this Firm."

    This is awesome!

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    Thanks Jena,

    it does make me feel a sense of hope - which is always nice.

    I was reading Suzie Townsend's blog and she wrote that since last October (I'm pretty sure it was October but don't hold me to it), she has had over 5000 QL's
    Given that others would be receiving those same sorts of numbers, it's nice to know that a few of the lit agents have taken the time to reply personally.

    Rejection yes, constructive & useful - very!

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    That's great Raven! Is there any possible way you can post your query (or bring it to the top if it's here already)? I searched through the archives, but I don't think I saw your final draft.

    I get what you are saying CK, and actually I plan on having two to three queries ready to send off depending on the agent. For example the agent who is most interested in romances will get a query seeping with romance. But another agent who is looking for a story about a woman who can hold her own and kick some butt will get a query that only hints at the romance, and shows my FMC as the strong character that she is. Plus I will have my little paragraph that will be tailored to the specific agent I'm trying to rope. I haven't even considered having that part critiqued and perhaps that is what's missing when I (or we) ask for a critique. I think a lot of us are trying to at a minimum get the basics down, that's what I'm doing anyway. Trying to get everything I want to say... comprehensible, in a short amount of space. I think we are testing the waters, trying to see if we have succeeded in getting at least one person to want to read our story... and of course have our most obvious, yet hidden-from-our-own-eye mistakes pointed out to us.

    Thank you both CK and Simon Says, for a little reminder of what we are trying to accomplish when writing our queries. I know when I first started thinking about queries I thought that we needed to get the whole story out in a short amount of space. But since reading around on here I see how much "simpler" it is.
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