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Thread: Thanks

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    I would like to thank those of you who have had the time to read and critique my first chapter. I have thanked you privately but wanted to send a personal thank-you on here.

    I also wanted to thank everyone on here who has offered me critique over this past 18+ months. It has all been very helpful.

    My MS is just about there now and with the wonderful critique I received from several of you regarding CH1, I know I can work through the rest of the MS to make the same tightening/changes. Thankfully, the changes are for the most part cosmetic and tense related (OK punctuation I know I know!).

    With a bit of luck and a lot more hard work, my MS will be ready for posting. Then itís off to Ms USA lit agent and, fingers crossed, positive feedback at some later stage.

    Again, thanks to all

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    Good luck to you, Raven. Fingers crossed!

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    Great work! I am glad it can be done, somedays I wonder. Good luck with the finishing touches.

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    Good luck, Raven
    I enjoyed reading your opening chapter! Can't wait to order it from Amazon, so I can read the rest

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