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Thread: How often..

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    How often..

    do you use the word "said" in a dialog setting? This doesn't include other words that could be used instead of said. For example, "Blah blah blah," said John OR John said.

    Is there a certain way you do it? Say if you use it in one phrase, then go at least phrase without? Provide general thoughts here

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    Re: How often..

    Readers don't really see "said." You can stick it every few lines, if you're writing back-and-forth dialogue, two people talking, for example, just to be sure the reader knows who is talking.

    But let's suppose you've got four people at a table talking. Or ten, or whatever the number is. Then you're going to have to find ways to define who the speaker is, and "said John" is one of the better ways because the reader glosses over "said" and tends to only see the name, so they can keep track of all the players.

    What you don't want to do is start using a lot of superfluous chatter like, "John screamed" and "Mary giggled" and stuff like that because you're afraid you've used "said" too many times. That just annoys editors and readers alike.

    Hope that helps.

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