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    imported_Ashton Lee

    Steampunk epic needs device / Lawman needs opponent and age

    Hi, I have two stories in planning for next (both steampunk settings).

    The first is an alternate history Victorian Europe, with the protagonist being a rich capitalist (quite a b@stard - seriously, what's with this hypocrisy?) and his big screwed up family. He fights for decades with various people over some kind of artifact / device that gives you success and wealth (or death, most likely). It should be some important invention. They keep stealing it and killing for it, but I'm absolutely not familiar with technical / industrial stuff. What could it be? It's not magical or anything, it's the greed or men that makes it an artifact of doom. Also, can you think a valid reason why a 19th century bourgeois would carry a spear? Even in a steampunk world? I think I can sort of get away with swords, but a spear? And it's important, one of the hints who the protagonist really is.


    The second is a classical steampunk fantasy, and the protagonist is a type who'd usually be the antagonist: a lawman, one of those types who think Law Is Serious Business and Thou Shalt Not Jaywalk, Fiend. He's overdone on purpose, being the Anthropomorphic Personification of Law. I just can't decide his age. Make him middle-aged (thus making it more logical he's a famous, feared badass) or very young (thus giving a reason why he's so fiery and naive)?
    And he needs a (sympathetic but flawed) opponent. Someone who could show him the world is not all black and white, but definitely not a 100% good guy. Someone with a *past*. Or even with a *present*, but of course, a hidden heart of gold.

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    Senior Member Frank Baron's Avatar
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    Re: Steampunk epic needs device / Lawman needs opponent and age

    Hi Ashton. Sounds like you want folks to write your stories for you. You might not quite be at the stage of your writing career to pull off an epic.

    I suggest just sitting down and writing the stories. You'll come up with the answers to your questions as you go along. Your characters may surprise you with their own ideas when you write yourself into an OkayNowWhat? situation.

    But I'll address one of your questions. The lawman in your second scenario has got to be at least in his 40s - old enough to have experienced much but young enough to handle himself physically.

    Good luck with your work.

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