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    Same here, where does mine fit?

    Ok, so real quick so you have something to go on. My novel is a post apocalyptic action/adventure. However there is a pretty heavy duty love story. Main character's wife and daughter dies, he's still hung up on that after years. Now there is another women, she loves him, he loves her but won't admit it. This struggle goes back and forth through the whole book, all the while they are fighting a war together. There's a brutal prison camp, a nasty villian, and tons of human struggle, blah blah blah.

    The best I can pin down are these genres (epic, adventure, apocalyptic and romance) obviously I can't use that whole thing, nor can I use just one, or simply "a thriller". Oh my god I need help!
    My only thought at this point is "epic adventure". I can show the story in the query letter. My question is how far out can I go with a genre/sub genre before the agent looks at my genre choice and thinks me an idiot?

    Really looking forward to your advice and opinions.

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    Re: Same here, where does mine fit?

    My advice is to compose a query that shows what your story is and let the agent decide the genre.

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    James North
    P-A is big. There are readers who read only P-A. The rest you cover in your QL.

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