Thanks for your generosity toward me. Probably true that I tend to over-think or under-thing in all the wrong places.

I think that in that long, long bit, I said all this, but it was so buried in crap. My fault for not editing nor attempt to write succinctly. It is not the superpowers that bother me -- I'm a diver and love breathing underwater; I'd love to fix up that weird dent in my leg from a bad reset bone -- it's the focus on something that isn't your protagonist's problem. Maybe you have presented these superpowers as his problem in your Q and I'm just too dense to see it. I just saw more attention to the powers and so little on what your protagonist lacks and must overcome to get his quest underway. What's the guy's problem? Not just a rogue brother, not just a problem outside himself. But what's wrong with him? What does he confront in himself to get on to being a hero? That's what I wasn't getting. But I've watched The Matrix a couple of times and still don't get it, so...I'm trying to breathe from a free-flowing regulator.

Wishing you the best as you wade through this whole Q process. Still love the brother-vs.-brother aspect.