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    imported_Kathy Loop

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    Hello! I have been on here before. I can't remember my old password and it doesn't send it to me so I created a new account. I was away from writing for a while and now trying to get back into it. Right now I'm working on a short story and I'm stuck on how to end it - or when to end it. The rest of the story is coming together nicely.

    It's two teenagers who are going on a date. The new guy has been avoiding the ex boyfriend who's jealous and wants to beat him up throughout the story. He manages a couple of punches. Well the new guy and her are just friends now starting to date. I have no idea how to finish and I know this is kind of a vague description.

    Jared the new guy, has wrote Grace some secret admirer letters to her and he's going to reveal that it's hiim at their school dance. They are good friends and she doesn't know it's him yet. The ex-boyfriend is expelled so he is not allowed at the dance. Should I just end it at the dance when they kiss and he asks her to be his girlfriend? Should I let it lead to the parking lot and he finally beat up the ex? Or should something else happen or leave it there at the dance? I don't know of any ideas. Mind block! Please help

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    Senior Member Frank Baron's Avatar
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    Re: Sort of New

    Hi Kathy.

    Your questions are better posed in another forum, maybe Brainstorming. Wait a bit, though. Maybe our Mod Extraordinaire, Victoria will move it. In the meantime, maybe you should do some wandering among the forums and re-familiarize yourself with the place.

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    imported_Kathy Loop

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    -- moved topic --

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    Aver0n 2o11

    Re: Sort of New

    I'm game for open enders. You should have him ask her out but cut the story off before she replies so the reader is left wondering if they do end up together or not

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