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Thread: Liar

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    martin shaw



    What say you, custard face?
    Before I put you
    back in your place
    to be ravaged by,
    the retributive piranhas,
    you sugary revengeful cuisine,
    with sliced bananas,
    from the same boat you came in on,
    the long one with the
    false bottom,
    changing colour like
    your chameleon back,
    from green to yellow,
    and now charcoal black.

    You are out in the cold again;
    Itís your place of heart,
    you fitting companion
    for any seasoned tart,
    that will take you in,
    with a glint in her eye
    if you promise her another piece
    of custard pie.

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    Aver0n 2o11

    Re: Liar

    I demand my custard pie!

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    martin shaw

    Re: Liar

    Have it!

    Custard pie slang for lie. Did you know?


    This is gonna play at my funeral.


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    Senior Member
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    Aug 2010

    Re: Liar

    I feel like I've already been to your funeral. Was it last week? Did they serve the cheese plate?

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    martin shaw

    Re: Liar

    You must of liked me. I know you...


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