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Thread: My Dark Side

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    My Dark Side

    This is a song I wrote from my chapbook "Songs From the Sick". It's a horrorcore rap collection. Enjoy!

    Chorus: You don't wanna get on my dark side/ Make/ ya wanna run n' hide/ Make ya wanna die/ Make ya think about suicide/ You don't wanna get on my dark side (rep. 4x)

    Verse 1: You don't wanna catch me on a bad day/ Better watch what'cha say/ Or you're gonna be my next prey/ Your body will decay/ I might apper nice/ But I'm capable of the worst vice/ You'd better think twice/ I'll cruicfy you like Christ/ Your corpse'll be eaten by mice/ My kind side is just a shell/ That holds something worse then Hell/ Noone'll be able to hear you yell/ When you fall down into my deepest well/ Sick **** pops in my mind on a daily basis/ Abortions, beheadings; ****'s that's tasteless/ Peel your skin off and leave you faceless/ You don't wanna know what goes on inside my brain/ Labeled insane/ Can't be tamed/ Let's play a game/ I'll throw ya in flames/ While your loved ones watch and they're in chains/ I'm a bad seed/ The wicked ****'s my creed/ I get a high when I bleed/ When I get pissed, my dark side takes the lead/ I should've never been born/ Y'all been warned/ There's never a calm before my storm

    (Chor.; rep 4x)

    Verse 2: Wanna put the norm to halt/ 'Cause I have sick dreams of running an evil cult/ Slice off some of your head to delete your faults/ Will be known as the sickest leader/ A fleshfeeder/ Cut off your skin without cleavers/ **** that; I'll use my/ Watch your blood leak/ Stuck you dry like/ Join my body peek/ Stocking bodies in piles/ They go on for miles/ Have to cut myself with a sharp file/ Just to smile/Since I was litte I've been obbessed/ With my own death/ Pick off my flesh/ 'Till there's nothin' left/ Leave a pretty mess/ Wish I was dead/ Wanna see my own red/ Lay next to snakes on the bed/ Chop up my body in a shead/ Fill my brain with lead/ Have a list of people I hate/ Their lives I wanna eliminate/ Their spines I wanna break/ Throw their bodies in the lake/ Will do it by any means nesscessary/ You'll be in the obituaries/ I give nothing but love/ But noone knows what I'm capable of/ Everyone would be scared of me/ They'd think I'd need therapy/ Don't get on my dark side/ You'll wish you were never alive/ You'll live in eternal pain otherwise

    (Chor.; rep 4x)

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    Aver0n 2o11

    Re: My Dark Side

    If you want us to know what the @#$%& are, you need to be creative like $hit a$$ f.uck (oops, I normally don't swear that much in one go - that's my swearing quota done for the day).

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    martin shaw

    Re: My Dark Side

    Verse 1 is pretty cool... the second verse needs more work from a reader point of veiw... maybe different when you sing it.

    Mind you, you look at Ozzy's lyrics and Iggy Pop, they leave a lot to be desired, but come out on top when sung.

    I guess we identify words in a diffent way in a song.

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    Senior Member Avonne Writer's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Southern California, USA

    Re: My Dark Side

    Dark. Very dark--indeed!

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    Re: My Dark Side

    You're the first person to tell me that the 2nd verse was worst then the first; most ppl tell me the 2nd one's better. Anyway, what's wrong with the 2nd one? Btw, I rap, not sing xD.

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    martin shaw

    Re: My Dark Side

    There is nothing wrong with it. Its just not as good as the first.

    The first just seems to flow a little easier

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    Re: My Dark Side

    Oh, thanks. Actually, looking at it, I agree with ya. Thanks for answering so quickly, dude.

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