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    Matthew Clarke

    Three Short Poems

    Entitled: Anyways

    You look like you just woke up!
    From a day at the spa.
    Skipping all those meals,
    in favour of coffee,
    has you looking better than ever.

    Entitled: Alone

    You said Id do alright on my own.
    Im alright I guess.
    Im on my own, at least.

    Entitled: True Love

    Come on, you know that I love you,
    or why would I tell you so?

    Very short ones. Feel free to roll them around in your head a little and enjoy.

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    martin shaw

    Re: Three Short Poems

    Yes, they are very short.

    I can only comment on the first.

    It's not bad, but in my veiw it reads like a little bit of dialogue from a novel. I'm sure you can ad to these, and I think you know that?

    Thanks for the read

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    Aver0n 2o11

    Re: Three Short Poems

    Only one comment. Imagine Homer Simpson's voice in your head: mmm, spaaa...

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