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    Quote Originally Posted by John Oberon View Post
    You were ba-a-a-a-a-a-d.
    ….. ugh.

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    Sorry if you think I'm beating a dead horse but, again, the archives aren't here because Wickett is lazy. They are a community resource and not a personal response to someone from a year or two ago. The writing industry is still settling its upset stomach and things occasionally change. This is one such thing. Many writers tend to ignore the legal side of the business until it is too late. Recently something has come up that you need to keep an eye on. A few years ago a new writer could not beg, borrow or bribe a multiple book offer. Some of them did pretty well and when asked about another book said they wanted to renegotiate a new offer, usually with another agent and publisher. Now an odd little option clause gets hidden in many contracts and you need to look for it rather than be blindsided when it rears its miserly little head. I'm talking series here and not serials, so keep them as stand alone books with repeat characters and genres.

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