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    Amy Lou

    Re: Husband has walked out, Realistic? - Gone

    LOL Leslee! I prefer to read anyways. I think I may have the book. My husband and I got talked into one of those fancy collections that are leather bound w/gold edged pages, with all the classics. Before we had kids and both worked.

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    Senior Member Zoe Saadia's Avatar
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    Re: Husband has walked out, Realistic? - Gone

    I only can say that I came out of this fragment scared, a little. Wouldn't want to face something like that, ever. I guess it means that your writing sounded real enough to me

    I agree with these who said that every person reacts differently and there is no need for Chloe to throw a fit (I think, I'm actually quoting you right now). Combined with the other fragment (the coffee-shop meeting) she sounds insecure and introverted enough to react the way you described. Especially that she is forced to face his "betrayal" on the background of the pregnancy expectation issues (I'm afraid that one can break any women).
    Pre-Columbian North America


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    Re: Husband has walked out, Realistic? - Gone


    You're welcome, hon.

    Keep at it!


    Also, I can't watch Emma Thompson, so that may have something to do with this particular situation. Ha!)


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