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    Shaun .

    Was it something I said?

    I don't really know where to post this question, so I'm posting it to the forum in question. In a recent post on this forum, I made grammatical errors, joking to my inexperience which was mentioned in the new members forum. Did I turn some of you off by that? People are viewing, but I'm getting no advice. If so, I apologize. I realize this is a more serious section of the site and I am serious despite my dull humor. Might just be my anxiety. After all, it is the weekend. Any answers will be appreciated and to everyone who did read the portion of my first chapter...Thanks.

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    Senior Member Frank Baron's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Ontario, Canada

    Re: Was it something I said?

    Relax Shaun. You posted it on a Friday evening. Some of our critters actually have lives away from this place.

    But I suspect you'll get a few responses over the next couple-three days.

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    Shaun .

    Re: Was it something I said?

    Thanks, Frank. Iíve never shared my writing with anyone outside of family. I'm anxious! I'll simmer for the weekend. Enjoy yours!

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