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    Exclamation How Do Men Turn Women On?

    Romance writers here in America or anywhere else are very special.

    I say that because it takes a special person to understand what most people have no clue about and that's how to reach a woman's heart & get her turned on.

    Quite a few men think it's all about how much money they have, how nice the car they drive is or how elaborate & expensive their house is but I don't know of any woman in the world who really cares about that stuff at all.

    In my career both as a woman's escort and then later as a professional companion, I've learned that the very best way to tickle a woman's heart or even begin to get her aroused sexually is with the words that come out of my mouth but it's not just what I say, it's how & when I say it too.

    For example, let's say I'm sitting with a client on a living room couch and the two of us are having a friendly conversation about her. Our intention is to let me get to know more about the kind of woman she is because that will enable me to really show her a good time, both in & out of bed.

    I'll ask her to think back so she can clearly describe the kind of girl she was in her teenage years as I listen very carefully to everything she tells me and I do it with a very confident expression on my face while she notices that my eyes are constantly moving to see all the various movements of her mouth & face. From this, she knows that I am a very observant man and this is new to most women.

    Just those four short sentences alone will cause most women to stop and read more carefully because the words I use in the order in which I use them make it possible for any woman who reads this to really imagine being in that particular situation so she can predict how she'll feel. I am not a licensed psychologist and I have no training in the art of subliminal messaging but because of the business I've had & enjoyed since 2002, I've picked up on a few "tricks or the trade", so to speak.

    All throughout my entire 4 book series, I do that but not because I have any intention of making anyone think or feel any kind of way. That's just how I've become after doing it with all my clients for so long.

    The best way for any of you women or even you men to learn more about me is to just ask as many questions as you can come up with. I will then evaluate what you ask and answer them the best way I know how.

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