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Thread: Question

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    Re: Question

    I thank you, too, Cur. Sadly I'll be disappearing for a month or so. I'm sure I'll be suffering from major withdrawal.

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    Re: Question

    Good Morning

    I cannot comment on every 'legend' you mentioned but I can comment on Ms Austen.
    Firstly, she started writing at an early age, very early age. She was born into a preachers house, surrounded by words.
    Secondly, when she decided to make a career for herself she worked hard on making contact with published female authors - to learn the craft of business.
    Thirdly, like her sister, she never married but rather remained in the family home and therefore did not have the issue of conforming to the restriction of married life. She neither had husband nor children to occupy her time/energy.
    Fourthly, Janes brother married a wealthy (slighly older) widow who brought her wealth into the family, creating not only a shipping dynasty but supporting Jane (emotionally and financially) - again allowing Jane the opportunity to create and perfect.
    Pride & Prejudice was written long before it was published (with a different working title) It took Jane many re-writes and several years to find a publisher and would not have done so, IF she had not a) worked on her craft until it was perfect and b) not committed to it as one does to any other relationship.

    Jane didn't die poor and unknown, drug induced etc. as you imply. She died of illness. In that time MANY people died young. In fact the average life-span for women was just over 45 due to deaths in childbirth, being the 'nurses' to the sick and elderly and simply being the ones to handle foods/animals etc.

    In fact, before her death she was well regarded as an author and eventually saved the family from ruin. As some point (can't recall the year) in her 30's her brothers shipping business fell into debt due to several losses of entire ship cargo. The banks stopped offering them more money to re-build and the insurance brokers started looking at them as a bad risk. Jane's income from her (by then almost entire range of) books was so healthy that it supported the entire family, She was one of 5 brothers and sisters, including one brother who was disabled and required greater assistance as he got older.

    My point is, Jane knew NO ONE in the publishing industry. Add to that it was considered disreputable for a' woman to produce an income of her own. With her father being a minister, this was a scandal. Yes she had help from family; but then we all do (or friends or internet friends). She worked hard, she re-worded her stories, she accepted critique and she wrote with an honest voice that still today rings true.

    To say she KNEW someone and because of that got a break is insulting to her talent.

    I feel sure the other "legends" have similar stories. I know Elvis & Michael Jackson were both 'poor but talented' and COMMITTED!
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