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Thread: Blogspot

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    Senior Member Victoria's Avatar
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    Sep 2010


    Get started with a Google Blogger site here.
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    Senior Member Lea Zalas's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
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    Re: Blogspot

    That's how I set up mine. If I can do it, then almost anyone else can too.

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    Ben Lloyd

    Re: Blogspot

    I like Blogger, but in the end I wanted far greater control over what I could do with my site.

    In the end I went with my own webspace ($12 a year from 3ix.com) and Wordpress.

    I am really impressed with the results: Tech Write UK

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    Stephanie Maddux

    Re: Blogspot

    I like Blogspot. I like that its clean and simple to navigate.

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    imported_David Stidham

    Re: Blogspot

    Checked out 3ix.

    Sounds good if you don't need to sell your book on your site or want too many pictures. Very cheap on shared server.

    FYI, they have a multimedia limitation attached to the service. Great for blog, bad for book selling site.

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