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    kyle willmott

    Writing Competition

    Hello there thought you might find this of interest.


    DoubleTake is running a competition for a 1 page screenplay and also a poetry competition. The submissions for both will be judged and the winning entries will be made into short films. They are also looking for freelance writers to write 4 minute monologues.Monologue filming

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    DoubleTake Movies

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    Re: Writing Competition

    OK, I've taken a look at the site and I'm still not clear on what the competition is for?

    So, do we send you a poem and 5 pounds and then wait to see if we are lucky enough to have it made into a 1 minute monologue?

    OK so 300 people send you 300 poems and 15,000 pounds - there's a winner - Great!
    who are the judges?
    what makes them qualified to judge poetry?
    Who decides the script for the monolgue?
    who acts it? Is it just someone selected by yourselves and they stand infront of a camera and read the poem?
    who is going to see it?
    Who owns the rights to the poem? to the monologue?

    Also, you are based in the UK and there are only examples of 'clients/work' from the UK but you are advertising here on asite which has people from all over the world; what happens if one of them wins?

    I have no issue with competitions but I found your website gave me more questions than answers.

    Lastly, the website mentions the 'visitors' that come to the site and I assume discover new talent. Who are these visitors? You have quotes from people who have paid you money to do work for them (and there's nothing wrong with that) but you have no quotes from these 'important visitors' - surely that would be a good idea?

    JMHO though,
    if the wine is sour throw it out


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