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    Re: Non-fiction query?

    Sabina Grosse Wrote:
    > And I don't mean to imply that there are not a lot
    > of medical professionals out there who have grown
    > cynical and don't seem to care anymore. And for
    > family members it is always the best defense (or
    > help) to be as informed as possible. And yes, you
    > know your own family member (or yourself if that
    > is who it is) the very best. I always encourage
    > the patient and their family to help come up with
    > the treatment plan, and to share if they have
    > other ideas or other informations.
    > What I was objecting to was the blanket statement
    > that " XYZ % of depressed people really don't need
    > medication, and......" Says WHO??? What research
    > are such statements based on? Certainly not any
    > experience me or my colleagues have shared."
    > Sorry, getting off my soap box now, too.

    Yep, it was a blanket statement and I probably shouldn't have said it.

    However, can you honestly sit back with a straight face and suggest that our society is not over medicated? And there are a lot of studies out there to suggest that too many people are switching to quick pill fixes instead of trying to cope with the problem. I did a search a few minutes ago and found several on psychology today's website alone.

    Have you ever watched day time telly? Every second commercial is an add for anti-depression pills. It's actually quite creepy.

    There are more anti-depressants being prescribed today than high blood pressure pills. That says something.

    And I'd like to see how many of that overly high percentage are getting therapy along with that medication. How many of them are being properly monitored by their doctor? How many have gone through three to five different types of anti-depressants looking for that magic fix. I'll be that number is low.

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    Re: Non-fiction query?

    I will give you that, Arden.

    But from where I stand at, I am so much more concerned with those individuals whose brain chemistry could be normalized, and they could lead a normal life, if we can just find the right medication.

    Yes, no doubt, many medications are overprescribed. And people also take alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. I cannot (and would not want to, lol) police everybody. But my mission is to make damn sure that the people who need the appropriate meds, and are willing to take them, will get them. And trust me, my staff and me have gone out on some quite shaky limbs to arrange for medications for some of our more or less indigent clients...

    And yes - it was Tom Cruise. How could I forget that? :S, haha.

    I think we may actually have reached a common ground where we all agree. That is always magic to me when that can happen. Especially after such early contentious debates.

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    Re: Non-fiction query?

    Arden Leighton Wrote:

    > And I'd like to see how many of that overly high
    > percentage are getting therapy along with that
    > medication. How many of them are being properly
    > monitored by their doctor?

    If I have a chemical imbalance in my brain that is corrected by medication, what the hell do I need therapy for? Do diabetics need therapy? People with high cholesterol?

    And yes, I'm being monitored by a physician. Medications require refills and my doctor won't refill them after a certain length of time if I haven't been seen by her, as well it should be,

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    Re: Non-fiction query?

    "My oldest son suffered from schizophrenia and committed suicide."

    Lea, what an awful thing to have to experience! Planet earth is a vale of tears (and challenges), all right.

    I'll bet your son often checks up on you. They can, you know.


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