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Thread: New QL Attempt

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    Oct 2010
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    Re: New QL Attempt

    Stan you are completely right and I have been trying that for the past 10 hours......... but every time I 'fill in' it ends up being a mini- synop.

    I know it. I can see it.

    I think my problem is the hook.

    It sounds silly but I KNOW the hook is failing me. Sometimes if the beginning doesn't work the rest seems to follow.

    I need to take a break I think...... and its time for wine! (LOTS OF WINE) lol

    I'll be back later and see how I go.

    Thanks again.
    if the wine is sour throw it out


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    Re: New QL Attempt

    You absolutely need to take a break. Relax. It'll work out. Sometimes we stare at the writing so hard we can't see it.

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