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    John Munroe

    AuthorHouse Publishing Scam - Info please

    What's the lowdown on AuthorHouse Publishing, trying to find out additional information after they offered my 15 year old daughter who writes theatrical poetry in her spare time, "a publishing contract". Forwarded that to my attorney, and the advice was to stay well clear. I'm frankly speechless at a company that wants to extract money out of a 15 year old minor.

    Then today, a couple of friends of mine sent me this link below to this Authorhouse blog:


    It's a read but it goes into some interesting details about an SEC investigation that AuthorHouse is undergoing for tax fraud, Ponzi schemes among others. What's the lowdown on AuthorHouse, I'd greatly appreciate any constructive views.



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    Glenda Widger

    Re: AuthorHouse Publishing Scam - Info please

    Having been seeking publishers for years I can tell you that Author House is one of many Vanity Publishers. They don't care how old you are or whether you can write. They just want your money. Best to google " Publishers to beware of" or buy the writers digest list of magazines and book publishers. Not to day that there aren't some great publishers on the net. If your daughter writes then there are dozens of legitamate publishers advertising for young writers. Just google each one to find info before you talk to them.

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    Re: AuthorHouse Publishing Scam - Info please

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    Re: AuthorHouse Publishing Scam - Info please

    I was going to send you the link for AW's massive thread on AuthorHouse, but I see you beat me. You even got Victoria Strauss, one of the goddesses of Author Beware, to chime in. Woots.


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    imported_James Kooten

    Re: AuthorHouse Publishing Scam - Info please

    To John: AuthorHouse will give you a decent product, but you do have to pay up front, and you won't find your daughter's book in any book stores. If you don't want to pay, you can always go to lulu or create space. They offer very simplistic binding packages, but you still have to pay for any additional services.

    To Glenda:

    Rather ironic you suggest one checks out "Writer's Digest". Writer's Digest is a parter of Author Solutions, the parent company of AuthorHouse. Also, do you think McDonald's cares what you do with their food after they give it to you? "They don't care how old you are or whether you eat it. They just want your money."

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