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    Cantatas In Capitol(Poem)

    Let us light candles
    And sing our cantatas.
    Let us clap here in the capitol
    Where our siblings in slavery
    Huge sculpture of freedom,
    Landmark of liberty.
    We will light trees
    And tarry in remembrance
    Till sleep trouble our eyes.
    We will stare at that statue
    And salute our siblings,
    Though in slavery,
    Sang songs of strength.
    On the grounds of this manor
    Of Masonic masters
    Saturated with symbols,
    Our freed siblings
    Sing silly songs
    And stroll
    To shrines on Sundays
    To supplicate to sun god ra.
    They take sacraments
    Send supplications for salvation.

    By Chidi Anthony Opara

    Source: Mundane Musing And Other Poems

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    martin shaw

    Re: Cantatas In Capitol(Poem)

    We will light candles
    and sing our cantatas.
    Let us clap here in the capitol
    where our siblings once hoisted
    statues of freedom,
    the landmark’s of liberty?

    In my veiw I have made this flow a little better in the first stanza.

    What I am saying is- is that you need to work a littler harder on the rest

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