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    Re: Newly Published Fantasy Book: Bane King By His Own Hand

    Thank you for being....

    I can appreciate how this may have looked from your perspective, but understand that it did not look the same from mine.

    As for respect, I think it's another two-way street. I'm happy to give it when it's deserved, as I'm sure are you.

    - H

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    Re: Newly Published Fantasy Book: Bane King By His Own Hand

    D K,

    1. I understand the community; I just always hope for more and better.

    2. My Name's Hal Zucati, I'm 35. I live and work in Washington State and I've written and self-published this 400+ page illustrated book of fantasy loosely based on my life and experiences and those of my mother. My mother is a co-author on this book. Yea. I write books with my mother. The book first started back in the early 1990's and has been through no less than 4 revisions (that I know of). Between the two of us my mother and I have received no less than 100 rejection letters over the years from publishers who didn't bother to say more than... no thanks, or at best provide some type of mild criticism, and then say no thanks. Up till this year this book has been one of the most frustrating and seemingly never-ending projects I've ever worked on. And by the way, my mother STILL has not approved the book as finished. Itís just gone through yet another revision. My firm opinion is that it will NEVER be done.

    3. This book and its writing are a secondary part of my life and a primary part of my mother's life, which, I believe is why I don't take it nearly as seriously as she does. The fantasy market is massive and we're just one stone in the whole lakebed... and a small stone at that. I've seen real crap get heavily publicized and sell thousands of copies and true gems of writing stagnate in back room draft studios... I'm not saying what we've written is anything that special, itís just ours, and real, and represents a part of who we are. (Not unlike the rest of you who've written such things.) As for the solidity of the work. I think that's highly subjective. Spelling and typographical errors aside, I think the work is solid. The rest really needs a good copy editor. That which is taboo in my motherís eyes. (I did fix the website misspellings, and the Amazon page won't be updated with the latest draft for several weeks I understand.)

    4. Spam indeed. I thought a long time about how to approach this type of forum. I've done as you suggested (and did above) and started more personal in the past, but one thing I've found no matter what the topic area, people with license to be unrestrained, will act unrestrained. Spam or not. Still, I'm heartened to see actual replies after the snark. Thatís better than most forums of this type.

    5. I think I've more or less answered your last question with my above information, but just to be clear:

    A. I didn't so much decide as feel compelled to self-publish. As noted above, my mother and I have been through the rejection wringer for more than 20 years, and honestly I felt it was either self-publish this book or pile every single last bit of digital and physical data onto a large gasoline-soaked pile and flick a match at it from ten feet, laughing as it ignited and burned. At least then I'd have some measure of peace, for myself if not my mother.

    B. I chose CreateSpace.com largely because they were the fastest, easiest, cheapest, and most well-rounded package I had time to work with. I'm seeing that perhaps they're not the best, but the book is published and available for sale... so really I think that's all that matters at this point. I think that given my situation, and my motherís that the only thing we could have done at this point is self-publish or give up and never speak of it again. As it is she's happier than ever and is beginning work on our second book. Option A... give up after 20 years and likely lose some part of my relationship with my mother. Option B... press ahead and do whatever it takes to get this book out, warts and all.

    I chose Option B.

    I hope this clarifies my position and approach to this.

    - Hal Zucati

    D K Wrote:
    > Hal,
    > I don't think anyone saddled up and went hunting
    > Banes. You need to realize you have more going
    > against you with your approach than for you.
    > Here's a breakdown:
    >[*] This is a community forum where people come
    > for advice, help, bitch, complain, critique, and
    > promote work if you've earned your stripes. You
    > haven't earned your stripes. Even if you started
    > with something a bit more personal in your post it
    > would have helped. Eg Hi my name is Hal, I'm new
    > to this forum and a new writer who's just
    > published my own work...I'm not saying some here
    > won't have a go still but at least the effort is
    > there.
    >[*] Writing is a business and when you're
    > promoting the work it should be solid. Spelling
    > mistakes on your website, in the 3rd para of your
    > novel (yes I peaked in Amazon), and poor use of
    > POV (again, yes I peaked in Amazon), does not bode
    > well for you. And you read the fallout from that.
    >[*] Bottom line, your approach was spam. Your
    > approach is no different then those teenage boys
    > in white shirts who stop you on the street to
    > preach God's word on your linch break. I'll give
    > you credit for not posting in every thread like
    > others have in the past.
    > Now a question. Why did you decide to self
    > publish? What factors did you consider? Did you
    > explore the traditional route? If yes, what was
    > your experience?
    > DK

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